Private or Family Nutrition Consulations

Private Consultation

Look around you! We are all different and consequently there is no diet which suits all of us or which suits any one of us all of the time. Our genes, internal and external environments, age, sex, race and circumstances determine our nutritional requirements.  In a private consultation a Clinical nutritionist matches the diet to the individual’s requirements, and supports them to help them achieve optimal health.

I have had great success with many health problems. The conditions with which I have had outstanding success include the ‘stress related spectrum of conditions’ including IBS and digestive disorders, fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety disorders and depression and weight problems, including those which are of both a metabolic and psychological nature.

Initial consultations are aimed at making a functional diagnosis and I also sometimes use clinical tests to help in this diagnosis. Unlike mainstream medicine I take the time to get to know you and get to the route cause of what is driving your health issues. Once this has been established you will be offered a plan, which is likely to include dietary advice and recipes, lifestyle guidance, and where appropriate a dietary supplement schedule. I provide a full range of therapeutic supplements from the UK’s leading manufacturers. You will also receive ongoing support until you reach your health or performance goals.

Family Nutrition

I am happy to work with individuals but equally happy to work with families. Trying to implement changes to diet and lifestyle is much easier if the whole family is onboard and working together. Not only is it less fuss than trying to shop for different foods for different family members, but also you are far less likely to slip back into old habits if the whole family pulls together to encourage each other when times are hard and celebrates each other’s successes.

I enjoy working with families to achieve their goals and can advise on meal plans (including healthy versions of kids favourite foods), making nutrition fun and enthusing reluctant family members. There is nothing as fulfilling for a parent as knowing that what you put on the table is nourishing the bodies, minds and souls of your family and watching their health improve and their lives blossom as a result.

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