Weight Loss

Perhaps you have made the decision that you need to lose weight to improve your health or perhaps you feel like you have tried every diet under the sun and you just can’t seem to lose weight, or you can’t maintain a weight level that suits you?

My approach to helping clients with weight loss is different to the mainstream. I don’t believe in crash diets and view most of the modern diets as faddy at best and in many cases quite dangerous. I believe that weight loss needn’t be difficult and must be sustainable. I believe that weight loss is all about education and becoming healthier in a way that suits each individual. The modern world puts far too much pressure on people to all look the same, but we all have different body types and different needs. For some people being super skinny is not right for them.

I deal with each of my clients individually to formulate a bespoke plan which suits their biological make up and their life style. Beyond the first few pounds it is very hard to lose weight unless a person has undergone a period of detoxification and improved liver health. The body stores toxins in fat and will not allow them to be released unless the liver is able to deal with them efficiently allowing the body to excrete them. For this reason, in most cases, weight loss starts with reducing your exposure to toxins and improving your liver and gut health. Once these have been achieved I usually find that most clients lose weight in a controlled and, most importantly, sustainable way.

Weight loss need not be an exercise in torture! The recipes and ideas I suggest are tasty, nourishing and satisfying. You won’t be left chewing your arm off trying desperately to ignore the hunger pangs gnawing away at your stomach. I don’t get fixated on calories and prefer to concentrate on what constitutes those calories.

THIS APPROACH, COMBINED WITH A BESPOKE EXERCISE PROGRAM, GETS RESULTS that are sustainable. You will feel lighter, have increased mental and physical energy, improved immunity and self confidence. But best of all you will hopefully feel empowered and informed to maintain your new healthy lifestyle.

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