Acute inflammation is a necessary, vital and occasionally lifesaving bodily process. However, chronic inflammation over a prolonged period is very damaging to the body and has been found to be a causative factor in many of the chronic diseases people are experiencing in the 21st century.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital to your body and is the only vitamin used constantly by every cell. Amongst its many functions are its role in boosting your immune system, optimising bone health and helping to regulate your mood. You get vitamin D from sunshine and food (a couple of months supply can be stored in…

School Wellness

Never has it been so important to educate our children about the health benefits of eating well and the dangers of eating badly. The average Western diet is overloaded with calories and deficient in vital nutrients. Our children are the future and when they are growing physically and developing mentally they need optimum amounts of the human building blocks in order to thrive.

Private or Family Nutrition Consulations

In a private consultation a Clinical nutritionist matches the diet to the individual’s requirements, and supports them to help them achieve optimal health. Trying to implement changes to diet and lifestyle is much easier if the whole family is onboard and working together.

Gut & Liver Health

As a health practitioner I have seen many clients with many varied symptoms and in almost 100 percent of these cases poor liver and gut health is a driving factor of the client’s condition.

Weight Loss

Weight loss need not be an exercise in torture! The recipes and ideas I suggest are tasty, nourishing and satisfying…