Nutrition Services

Private consultations

Initial consultations are aimed at making a functional diagnosis and I also sometimes use clinical tests to help in this diagnosis. Unlike mainstream medicine I take the time to get to know you and get to the route cause of what is driving your health issues. Once this has been established you will be offered a plan, which is likely to include dietary advice and recipes, lifestyle guidance, and where appropriate a dietary supplement schedule. I provide a full range of therapeutic supplements from the UK’s leading manufacturers. You will also receive ongoing support until you reach your health or performance goals.


Family Nutrition

I enjoy working with families to achieve their goals and can advise on meal plans (including healthy versions of kids favourite foods), making nutrition fun and enthusing reluctant family members. There is nothing as fulfilling for a parent as knowing that what you put on the table is nourishing the bodies, minds and souls of your family and watching their health improve and their lives blossom as a result.


Gut and Liver Health & Detoxification

It is my firm belief, based on research and experience, that any health condition can be greatly improved by enhancing gut and liver health.

Normalising gut function is one of the most important things I do for my clients and somewhat of a specialism at my clinic. Over the last few years I have developed a gut restoration programme involving dietary changes and supplementation known as the ‘5 R gut turn around’ (remove, repair, restore, reinoculate and retain). Whether you are suffering from acne or arthritis, dermatitis or depression and just about every other condition between, the results of this simple approach to restoring health are nothing short of remarkable. 


Weight loss

My approach to helping clients with weight loss is different to the mainstream. I don’t believe in crash diets and view most of the modern diets as faddy at best and in many cases quite dangerous. I believe that weight loss needn’t be difficult and must be sustainable. I believe that weight loss is all about education and becoming healthier in a way that suits each individual. The modern world puts far too much pressure on people to all look the same, but we all have different body types and different needs. For some people being super skinny is not right for them.


Sports Nutrition

By improving their nutritional status the elite athlete or amateur sports enthusiast can enhance performance, balance energy levels, adjust body composition, speed up recover, help prevent injury and improve long term health.

Elite athletes recognise the importance of proper nutrition, but consuming the right balance of food and drink when exercising regularly is important for everyone and can have dramatic affects, not only on performance, but also on the enjoyment you get from your chosen activity. Many amateur sports people still only focus on increasing carbohydrates and protein with no thought to the specific type of protein and carbohydrate they eat and ignoring other important aspects of nutrition.


Corporate Wellness

In most businesses employees are crucial to success. A happy, healthy workforce is likely to be more productive and have a direct correlation on the profitability of your business. How many man hours are you losing due to sick days, stress leave and burnout? 

My aim is to show your staff practical tools that can be incorporated into their lives so that they can stay healthy in this modern world.

Services Include: Corporate Wellness Workshops. Healthy Workplace Challenge, On-Site Private Consultations for your Employees, Canteen Audit, Bespoke Services, Public Speaking.


School Wellness

Never has it been so important to educate our children about the health benefits of eating well and the dangers of eating badly. The average Western diet is overloaded with calories and deficient in vital nutrients. Our children are the future and when they are growing physically and developing mentally they need optimum amounts of the human building blocks (balanced amounts of healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates) in order to thrive.

Nowadays we are witnessing dramatic rises in children with allergies, asthma, autism, diabetes and many other life debilitating diseases and learning disorders. The causes of these rises are multifactorial, but I believe that diet is playing a massive part in driving these modern health epidemics forward.